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Roulette Strategy Online

Beat the casino roulette strategy, playing honestly - the problem is likely impossible. But you can outsmart the casinos - and there are players who are perfectly able to do it. The mathematical system of the game - that's complicated, but a short way of siphoning off money from many different casinos. The players, mathematicians, there is even a nickname - "counters." If they regularly go to the nearest casino, where they often already know, and, at best, polite are not allowed in the playing hall. However, financially stable casino is not afraid of these "counters", because to win more than one hundred thousand dollars a night is almost impossible, because the game goes on without too much risk on a particular system, but in any case, a player is unlikely to lead to the delight of the casino. A somewhat different situation from an online casino - they are with "counters" to fight pointless, because they adhere to the general requirements - bet. And what they give and how much money - this applies only to the players.

Try to understand what and when to bet that every game is the finale brought you good dividends.

One of the gaming systems that are guaranteed to lead to a gain, a "martingale", but keep in mind that to play on this system is possible only in case if you have an unlimited number of bids (and money, of course). "Martingale" - is a steady increase in rates for a loss, to cut off all benefit of any losses, plus the current rate. Under this system, any bid at one point to win anyway, and a casino just doomed to lose. But keep in mind that any casino roulette strategy and any table set limit on the maximum rates, but it is usually easy to get around the online casino.

Getting to the game, keep in mind that you have on hand should be a decent amount of money, it is risky to start a party in his pocket, 03.04 bet. You should be able to recoup, but on the other hand, many online casino games keep stats for the entire period of its existence. So if you were forced to leave the game due to the missing money, you can always continue, adding to the expense. And get your money back. However, it may happen that fortune will smile at you invitingly and make money is not needed, but will have time to cash out. Everything can be ...

European Roulette gives you more chances to win, because if the American roulette the house advantage - 5.26%, while in Europe - 2.63%. In Russia, most casinos offer European roulette, but calls it American.

For those who like roulette with a double zero, we must note that the rate of five numbers gives less chance of winning. Byvayut roulette with additional rules of "Surrender" and "En Prison" - they are in the game at even money bets reduce the house edge.