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Online Slot Machines

The history of slots machine The first slots machine appeared at the end of 1890s. Those slots were operated mechanically. Bugsy Siegel, famous gangster, installed one arm bandits in the casino in Las Vegas. His main purpose was to keep his gangsters’ wives and girlfriends busy while their husbands or boyfriends were playing other table games such as poker. But, very soon slots were proved to be in fact more profitable than any other game because unlike, for example, poker that has always been thought to be a skill game and a player might have experience and skills, to play slots you only need good luck.

The ancestor of modern slots machines had 5 reels that there were 50 card faces and it was based on poker. This slot was very popular and most of bars in cities and towns had at least one slot machine. Players used to place a nickel into a machine and pull a lever which spins the reels with cards, the aim was to form a good poker hand. It hadn’t a payout mechanism. The slots give different things as prizes , such as a pair of kings could award the player a free beer, and a royal flush might give cigars or drinks, the prizes depended on what the local venue offered. To make the casino edge higher, two cards were removed from the deck: more often the 10 of spades and jack of hearts that reduced the odds of collecting a royal flush nearly by half. Furthermore, the reels themselves also were rearranged to reduce the player’s advantage.

One of the first slot machines gave as the winnings fruit flavored chewing gums and they had fruit pictures as symbols on the reels. The today’s popular melon and cherry symbols were taken from those machine. BAR symbol commonly used in slots now was taken from the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company. In the mid 1960s, Bally developed the first fully electromechanical slot that was names Money Honey. So, Money Honey slot was the first slot that had a bottomless hopper and automatic payouts. The payouts were up to 500 coins, and the player could do without help of an attendant.

These days’ slot machines rarely work with coins, they take between $20 bills and $100 bills. Levers were changed into buttons. The tinkling of coins changed into techno music. The slot game is now programmed by the computer and RNG selects a set of numbers.

Modern casinos are well-equipped and are hi-tech and slot games aren’t an exception, they follow the suit. All the society has become much automated; the man interacts in the process in distance with the help of technology.